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The Badgers Will Dance – The Fiend In My Mind is the first book in this epic trilogy.

The Badgers Will Dance is the engrossing and moving story of Milo and his eye-blinkingly quick tempered friend Charley who would fight at the drop of a hat… of the good looking and peace loving Con who wouldn’t say boo to a goose… of the enchanting and tantalizing Maria who awakens him to rapturous joy, sorrow and pain… of the bullied and downtrodden little Tim as they plot to protect him from his drunken and heartless father… and of many more colourful and shady characters as they go to school, learn to grow up and survive on the tough corporation housing estate known as ‘The Reservation’ in 1950’s Ireland.

It is a story of love and unconditional friendship…. a story of corruption, physical and sexual abuse, bullying, deceit, betrayal, and revenge that leads to a long and painful fall from grace…. a story of family breakdown and the reality of heartbreaking and feared emigration.

It is a story of hopeful reconciliation with friends and family as Milo, having fallen so far, desperately struggles to fight and claw his way out of the dark and doom afflicted dungeon he finds himself in and from which ways of escape are few.


Just a small selection of the five star reviews The Badgers Will Dance: The Fiend in my Mind has received.


five-starsMoving and inspiring, 5 Feb 2014

by Von Phartdangler (Berkshire, UK)

Penned by a natural, born storyteller, this wonderful tale juxtaposes the rites-of-passage story of young Irish lad Milo and his friends with that of his older, reflective self. It’s beautifully evocative of the pain and wonder of growing up, and of the tug felt by so many young Irish of the time to find a better life across the water. Looking forward to the next instalment!


five-stars Great read, roll on the next volume, 3 Feb 2014

by Mike S

I’m not a great reader, but had the opportunity recently whilst on a short break away without disruptions.

I read it in 3 days (a record for me!!) as once started I just couldn’t resist picking it up again to continue the story of Milo’s life. It’s not an overcomplicated story and easy to follow and it moves nicely between the past as a young boy and much more recent events. I found I could relate to much of the story/detail which helps of course, but having said it makes for a great read and would recommend accordingly.

Congratulations on your debut book and hope to see volume 2 in the near future.



by Pen Name

Very addictive. An emotional roller coaster, gets you very involved with the characters. enjoyed reading every bit! Roll on the sequel!


five-starsAn engrossing Read, 31 Jan 2014

by joeski

Right from the start you are drawn in and have empathy for the characters. A book that is part gritty drama and yet heart warming as you are transported back in time to another world where innocent youth merges quickly into the harsh reality of adult life with all the painful lessons this brings . A true ‘coming of age’ tale and a tale which has many hidden lessons for all who read it. At times humorous, at times painful, the reality of life in tough times is perfectly described, and friendship shines brightly all the way through……a great read!


five-stars 31 Jan 2014

by Amazon Customertomo

Thank you Peter. A truly moving and emotional story. You had me weeping most of the way. Thank You. See you soon.


five-stars An open window on the colourful world of teenage boys, Irish history and a journey of life, 19 Jan 2014

by Anne Murray-Smith

Readable and gently moving account of life challenges that are easy to identify with. I am reminded of Sister Bea who tells of her early days in Ireland. An open window on the colourful world of teenage boys, Irish history, a journey of life – and alcoholism.


five-stars Fantastic absorbing read., 18 Jan 2014

by Sue derbyshire

This is wonderfully written, gripped me from start to finish. Graphic descriptions of the housing, poverty, influence of the church in 50’s Ireland, characters and beautiful countryside illustrate perfectly the era in which Milo grew up. This is intertwined with present day narrative of his recovery from alcoholism and the inner turmoil encountered on a daily basis to conquer his inner demons. Superb book and as other reviewers I can’t wait for book 2. X