Author of 'The Badgers Will Dance' trilogy

The author


Peter Christopher Delaney was born in Cork City in the Republic of Ireland and was the youngest of eight children.

From very early childhood he was greatly influenced by his father who was a great wit and a wonderful story-teller who could turn tears to laughter with just a single glance and who habitually placed him on the crossbar of his bike (which he nick named “Lightening”) to take him for long spins along the lovely winding lanes and roads of the local countryside whilst constantly telling him wonderfully funny stories and pointing out the old and the more recent places of historic importance. They would sometime stop off at a country pub where he would receive a glass of lemonade and a packet of crisps and he would sit silently enthralled by the conversations of long gone days related by the old men his father would speak to on such occasions.

Then in the cold evenings before going to bed he loved and looked forward to the way the family would gather around the blazing turf fire and listen to hair-raising stories of the ghostly “Banshee” who it was said would wail mournfully when some poor soul was about to depart this earth and of “The Headless Coachman” and lots more spine-chilling tales before nervously climbing the stairs to bed by candlelight and cuddling up under the blankets to pray and hope they would never hear “The Banshee’s” mournful wailing sounds.

He attended national  school from the age of five until the age of thirteen and a half when he left without any qualifications other than a Primary Certificate of Education and worked as an errand boy for a local meat distributor for the princely sum of thirty five shillings a week until the time his parents decided he would have a better opportunity in life if they followed the majority of the family who by this time had settled in England so without having any say in their decision he brokenheartedly followed  his parents along the gang-plank as they boarded “The Innisfallen” to join the throngs of other families( in the fifties) who also hoped and prayed they would find work and a better life on England’s shores.

On reaching England he found employment as an apprentice plasterer and worked for many years on the building trade, got married and had children. He was never to forget the friendliness he was shown in settling in England or the gratitude for what he and his family received by emigrating , neither was he to forget the country and the people of where he was bread, buttered, and grew up in. Nor would he ever forget the wonderful stories his father had told him as a boy that had left him with a burning desire to one day write a book and with the voice of his father (Jeremiah Delaney 1902-1965)  still echoing in his mind (of the three things he’d constantly reminded the whole family of what they should do before dying  (a) Become a Parent (b) Plant a Tree (c) Write a Book) he sat down to write “The Badgers Will Dance” and sincerely hopes that the reader will enjoy it every bit as much as he enjoyed writing it.

To this day he still resides in England and enjoys long country walks, reading, writing and the company of his wife, children and grandchildren. He also loves to attend boxing, football, and rugby matches whenever the chance arises and is currently into working on his latest novel while thinking its high time he got his hands to a shovel?